August 20, 2017


The Best Italian Restaurant

DeFazio's Italian Restaurant

photography by James Sanny \\ The Best of Wichita 2015

Mention Italian food and most Wichitan’s we know lament to demise of Angelo’s. The pickled eggplant! The red sauce! The pizza! The gnashing of teeth goes on and on. However, Angelo’s is no more and many of you think DeFazio’s is just as good. It’s no wonder. Owner Pietro DeFazio once worked at Angelo’s and certainly many menu items at his namesake restaurant are reminiscent of the old Fasciano family recipes. You voted DeFazio’s as the best spaghetti and lasagna you can shovel into your mouth. Standout menu items included their meatballs (light and fluffy with great meaty cheesy taste) and their pizza. When you walk in, you are instantly tempted by the cream puffs and cannoli in the bakery case. Add your name to the list and be prepared to be seated wherever they can find space for you. This restaurant barely ever has a “down” time and is usually hopping on the weekends. Be sure to try that famous Italian salad complete with the pickled eggplant. You can also ask for the sampler size of any pasta and share with your table.  Old fashioned, mobster Italian done right.

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