July 20, 2017


The Best Pho

Little Saigon

photography by James Sanny \\ The Best of Wichita 2015

It was decisive. Wichita chose Little Saigon as the best pho in a town full of pho choices.  From the fast and friendly service to the phenomenal pho, Little Saigon serves it up right. The usual plate of crispy mung bean sprouts, thai basil, jalapeños and lime comes to your table first followed by a steaming bowl of pho which includes whatever meat you choose. Nestled in the middle is a pile of perfectly cooked rice noodles. However, it is the broth that really shines at Little Saigon. It is the perfect balance of complex spices and savory beefy depth. Their chicken pho is light and savory and filled with perfectly cooked juicy chicken breast meat. Little Saigon is clean and light with lots of seating, although during the busy lunch hour you may have to wait a bit. Although the pho was voted “best” in the city, they have a full Vietnamese and Chinese menu to choose from.

Find Little Saigon:
  • South


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