July 20, 2017


The Best Sushi

Wasabi Hinkaku

photography by James Sanny \\ The Best of Wichita 2015

There are a few Wasabi locations in Wichita but voters were quite specific and voted the Old Town location on Douglas as “Best of”.  We love the charming location complete with brick walls and that historic Old Town feel. When you crave sushi (we know the difference between sushi, sashimi, nigiri and rolls but for clarity are calling it all sushi) you told us you head downtown. Some standout entrees that are often ordered are the Japanese Burrito (a combo of dressed crab, shrimp tempura, avocado wrapped up in soy paper), the Ahi Tower (featuring rice, avocado,crab meat, spicy tuna and tobiko) and the Stonehenge (battered in tempura and deep fried with a cream cheese filling). Of course they have the usual rolls, nigiri and sashimi as well as more traditional cooked Japanese food.

Find Wasabi Hinkaku:
  • Old Town


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