July 20, 2017


The Best Thai Restaurant

Thai Tradition

photography by James Sanny \\ The Best of Wichita 2015

Although the strip mall off of Central and Edgemoor that houses Thai Tradition doesn’t look like much, this old favorite for Thai cuisine won the “Best Of” vote by a landslide. Step inside and be warmly greeted and quickly served. As a matter of fact, service was rated as A+ at this Thai stronghold. Referenced as having some of the best Pad Thai and spring rolls in town, if you are a Pad Thai lover, this seems to be the go-to spot. Other interesting menu items include the Duck Curry and the Crying Tiger Beef. Thai Traditions is a great spot to take your vegetarian friends as they have a menu to accommodate any vegetarian and also are more than willing to adapt the spice in their cuisine. Not all Thai has to be spicy but if you want to share and spice up your own, they also offer their spice tray table side. Yum.

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