Best Breakfast

Doo-Dah Diner


Located almost under the Kellogg flyover, Doo-Dah’s humble exterior gives no insight into the delights that await the breakfast seeker. There is a reason voters chose Doo-Dah as the spot for the best breakfast in ICT; actually, make that multiple reasons. Doo-Dah has built a reputation on stand out menu items that include their best selling crab cakes Benedict and banana bread French toast. Don’t let us stop you there though. Doo-Dah just continues the yummy with corned beef hash served crispy and smothered in green chili sauce and darn good chicken and waffles; perfectly cooked decadence complete with chicken, waffles, gravy, syrup and chocolate dipped maple bacon. Say that three times without referencing the menu. If you are looking for a breakfast a little left of normal, head to the “little restaurant that could” located downtown under the flyover. Yum.

Find Doo-Dah Diner
206 E Kellogg St