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Jacob Liquor Exchange


Whether you are looking for a certain beer, bottle of wine, spirit or liquor you will probably be able to find it at the massive Jacob Liquor Exchange store.  Filled with helpful employees who know just where that obscure bottle or can you are searching for is located on the shelves, Jacob strives to please. As the largest retail liquor store in Wichita, Jacob has been locally owned and in business for over 38 years. The store devotes an entire side to rows and rows of wines in all varietals and from each region of production. Beer is located along the back left side and is also available by the bottle or can, which is nice for those wanting to try out a new brand. Jacob Liquor Exchange regularly holds tastings of wines, beers and spirits which are open to the public. A nice perk offered by the liquor store that you voted as Best in Wichita.

Find Jacob Liquor Exchange
3049 N Rock Rd