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Tanya's Soup Kitchen


Tanya Tandoc’s lovely spirit may never leave the kitchen and dining room of Tanya’s Soup Kitchen and that is just the way owners, Kelly Rae Leffel and Sarah Osborne-Bennett want it to stay. A homage to their beloved friend but with vision of a future, Tanya’s continues to provide customers with a fabulous bowl of soup. Whether it be a daily specialty created in the TSK kitchen or the ever loved and dreamy Tomato Bisque, Tanya’s is clearly comfort in a bowl. Some must-tries include the Monday special of Chicken and Noodles over Mashed Potatoes, the delightful cold beet soup, creamy potato, vibrant asparagus or deeply rich Chicken Tortilla with all the right toppings. Do your tummy a favor and line up at the counter for a bowl of soul satisfying soup. And don’t worry about the seating, somehow it all works out. No one has ever had to sit on the floor. 

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1725 E Douglas Ave