Best Taco

District Taqueria


District Taqueria, located on Douglas in the heart of downtown, bills itself as a Taqueria with an urban vibe. Step inside this industrial chic restaurant and it certainly seems like it could exist in a much more funky town. The interior is spare in design but it’s the food that shines with simplicity. The menu is purposeful. Street tacos and salads make up the bulk of the offerings. If your menu is simple, the ingredients better be good and these tacos are good. Choose locally made flour or white corn tortillas, fill them with carnitas or fish or chicken or beef and top with some creative toppings and prepare for a fiesta of flavor. Some must-haves are the fish tacos with crispy slaw and creamy pineapple crema and the braised barbacoa with pickled red onion. Don’t miss the authentic Mexican coke and Jarritos.

Find District Taqueria
917 E Douglas Ave