Sometimes overlooked as expected, Wichita has a growing number of restaurants that offer their own unique take on this favorite. No matter what type of taco you are in the mood for, there is a restaurant that has it. We have compiled our list of favorites that includes some new-comers, places you might not think of and establishments that have been around awhile. In this list, we’re not saying that one is better than the other, we are saying they are all excellent in their own unique way.


District Taqueria
917 E Douglas Ave

If you are looking for a more “street” style taco, District Taqueria is your place. District’s laid-back, urban atmosphere provides a nice break from the normal Wichita dining scene. Each taco is served on locally-made tortillas—made fresh daily—using fresh ingredients that always leave you wanting more. Their selection of meats and add-ons makes for an infinite number of taco combinations. If you find yourself desiring something in addition to tacos, check out the pre- and post-taco sections of the menu. It is worth noting that District Taqueria is the most recent, and multiple winner of the Best Taco category by readers in our annual Best of Wichita.

Los Pinos
1225 W Douglas Ave

Don’t skip this small shop on your search for tacos. Located just west of Seneca on Douglas, Los Pinos is sure to make your list of favorites. Their “fluffy” tacos are the go-to item on their menu. This light and airy taco shell has the appearance of bubbles and you’ll wonder how they do it. It’s no wonder why customers call them “fluffy.”  The tacos are filled with simple ingredients: lettuce, tomato and cheese but what else does there need to be? The heart of their taco, the ground beef, is made fresh daily using a secret family recipe.


Los Compadres
3827 W 13th St N

Having recently moved to a new location, it’s important to note that this relative new-comer to the Wichita dining scene, used to be located on West Central. Now settled in their new location on West 13th, you can expect the same delicious offerings, just in a new environment. Their signature taco offering is the Taco Chooj, a blue corn tortilla wrapped around your choice of meat, with fresh cilantro and onions. A truly unique dish. In addition, they feature tacos that are more what a traditionalist would expect, soft or fried, corn or flour shell, and a wide-selection of fillings to create just what you are looking for.

The Anchor
1109 E Douglas Ave

It might not pop into your head when you say you want a good taco, but The Anchor should be top of mind. Easily overlooked as a taco destination with their reputation of providing excellent beer selection and expertly crafted bar fare. Their Dos Tacos dish was highly ranked among our staff favorites, and for good reason. The thin, fried-flour shell wrapped around season ground beef, crispy lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and a tasty salsa. Don’t miss the thin and crispy tortilla chips and salsa that come on the side. If you are famished, they will happily turn Dos Tacos into Tres Tacos.

El Mexico Cafe
2544 S Seneca St

Some what of a Wichita tradition, El Mexico Cafe on south Seneca is still serving their signature tacos. Another stop that features a crispy, fried-flour shell, but how can you go wrong with that? The warm and almost flaky shell holds their crumbly beef, which is reminiscent of another Wichita institution. Each taco is topped with crisp lettuce, their thin sauce and signature coarse-grated, soft cheese. We love their tacos with a generous side of rice and refried beans. If the tacos didn’t fill you up, their dessert selections should not be missed. Favorites include the warm sopapillas and the fried ice cream.

ta1.jpgUno Mas
1920 W 21st St

What started as a food truck, has now blossomed into a permanent location near 21st and Amidon. Uno Mas is known for their artfully crafted tacos and a wide selection of taco choices. Whether you happen to catch the ever-popular truck around town or stop by their non-mobile location, do not look over the Bam Bam Shrimp tacos. Served on either corn or flour tortillas, the beautifully crispy shrimp covered in a sweet and subtly spicy chili glaze will leave you wanting more. If you want to go down a more traditional taco route, there are plenty of choices available from carne asada to carnitas.


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