The Seafood Shop

Let’s be honest, living in Wichita makes it challenging to find high-quality, fresh seafood... we aren’t exactly surrounded by fresh-water oceans, bays and rivers. So, where can you go to find high-quality seafood that helps you feel like you live near the ocean? Several years ago, I had the pleasure of crossing paths with the owner of a local treasure right here in the Wichita community: Jessica Eberth with The Seafood Shop. In 2008, Jessica decided to share her passion with others and opened The Seafood Shop (located at Central and Woodlawn), and they have been growing strong and serving the Wichita community ever since. She was kind enough to sit down and share her expertise and robust knowledge, and answer our many questions, to help us understand how to select, store, and prepare high-quality seafood. First you need understand what you like and know your palate. The best way is to explore the flavor and texture of different varieties of seafood.

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